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How to Measure

by Dominika Bartmanska on February 10, 2021  in guidehow to

You may be wondering how exactly are you going to measure yourself without a tape or help of a tailor, right?

Can this be done remotely?

What if you are across the pond, and would still like us to make you a shirt?

The process is very simple and quick to do, even on your own!

Before measuring make sure you:
  • Are wearing close-fitting clothes for most accurate results
  • Are in a room where the background is of a contrasting colour to your clothes
  • Have something to prop the phone up* with or someone to help you

So in essence - common sense for the technology to work its miracles. 

Got it?

For the most accuracy, we will require 2 measurements. 

This is so we can take an average measurement from the initial ones.

The system is very advanced but it's not perfect.

So we need to help it as much as we can to ensure that the fit of you new garment is perfect.

A text message just like the one below will be send to you, or an email address if you prefer emails:
  1. 📱 Click on the link to open in a mobile browse
  2.  Input your name, gender, height and weight
  3. 📱 Place phone at hip level and at the specified angle/distance, so your whole body is visible on the screen (instructions will be provided with the link)
  4. 🕺🏻 Stand facing the phone, spreading your arms and legs.
  5. 👣  Now, turn to the left with your feet together and your arms close to your hips. 
  6. 🧙🏻‍♂️ Wait for the technology to do its magic (maintaining your screen unlocked).


The measuring shouldn't take longer than 2 minutes and the whole process including prep should be less than 4 minutes out of your day.

and this is what we see at our end.



 The Do's and Don't's of Measuring

Wear tight/close fitting clothes - this is so we can get as accurate measurement of your frame as possible. 

✔️ jeans, leggings, t-shirt
❌joggers, thick jumpers, hoodies, roll neck jumpers.


Have a plain background behind you - this will make it easier for our technology to work our your shape.

✔️plain wall with as little ornaments behind you
❌busy wall with bookshelves etc

Got it?

Wear contrasting clothing to the background 

✔️black outfit on a white wall, light coloured outfit on a dark background. 
❌light outfit on a white wall, black outfit on dark. 


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*it could be a tripod, some books or anything else at your disposal. 


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