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If You Want To Be A Winner, Change Your SUITS, PANDEMIC, and CASUAL DRESSING Philosophy Now!

by mike frackowiak on October 07, 2021

We're all aware that even though the world is returning to life again, things just aren't the same. Especially when it comes to our habits. 

The pandemic has shifted many industries, with many people still currently working from home or established a hybrid of working from home/office. 

But this of course has had a knock on affect on the fashion industry. Since April 2020, loungewear has dominated online sales. 

Even high end brands such as Fendi and Burberry have had an increase in their sales of tracksuits. 

According to an online article, Formalwear sales have plummeted by 25% in the last 18 months. 

This was clearly expected as we wanted to make ourselves comfortable whilst being at home, but is this trend here for the long haul?

Is it a good thing that as a society we relish the thought of not wearing pants during our zoom meetings? 

Should we have a more relaxed-casual-dressing work environments post pandemic to help transition people back into the office?

Many people will applaud the 'modern' approach of many companies adopting casual dress in a workplace. For many, it provides a relaxed atmosphere where they can feel more themselves by expressing their individuality.

I will pose a different set of questions now....

Why does (or should) your image matter? 

A study conducted by the American Psychological Association has been exploring the consequences of first impressions. The APA go into detail how much it matters, because we cannot make a second impression on anyone, no matter how hard we try. 

We are constantly judged (intentionally and unintentionally) by other people. Whether we like it or not, first impressions truly matter. If we want to impress someone, do we not dress better? 

First date - would you go to a nice restaurant in a tracksuit?

Job interview - Would you turn up in a t-shirt and jeans?

A meeting with a potentially lucrative lead - perhaps zoom favourite; shirt and joggers? 

I can only guess what the answers are. 

But I wanted to be sure...

Recently, I conducted a short survey to my Linkedin followers, some business people, some interested in buying a suit, some not. 

I asked whether wearing a suit to meetings is dead?

The results were definitely surprising. 

With 50% of individuals voting that suits are indeed dead, it explains the tone a lot of people may be thinking in. However, the other results do make up for a combined 50% no - they are not dead. 

The combined result splits into various reasons why someone may not wear their suit at the moment. 

Many people will applaud the 'modern' approach of many companies adopting casual dress in a workplace. 

For many, it provides a relaxed atmosphere where they can feel more themselves by expressing their individuality. 

One of my connections, Suzie, has expressed her opinion in favour of this approach:

“I think it should be. I don’t believe we should be defined by what we wear but appreciated for the impact we make in the world. I’m lucky that I get to create my own dress code in my business. I get to be me.”

But since when could this not be done by dressing smartly?

In contrast, another one of my connections, Paul, has expressed his opinion:

“There will always be a time (in some businesses) where a suit will be required. Often it’s a mark of professionalism, or to make a point.”

Finally, a more neutral opinion from Stuart:

“You dress to suit the environment you are operating in and presenting to. I wouldn’t wear a suit to a meeting with an outdoor retail chain but might to a high end lifestyle retailer. It’s about the impression and environment, one size, does not fit all.”

At Michael Frackowiak Bespoke Suits and Bespoke Shirt Club we create smart garments fit for when you want to make a lasting impression, whilst still maintaining your individuality. 

We agree with Stuart that one size does not fit all indeed. 

That's the beauty of bespoke. Not taking a blue or black ill-fitting suit off the shelf and feeling like you have to become someone else for work.

You can stay your vibrant self AND look incredibly smart whilst doing so, when you wear a bespoke suit which is made specifically to you.

Let’s say NO to boring, unfitting attire with no individuality.

Let’s say YES to tailor-made, bespoke and individualised clothing which you can express yourself in. 

If you’d like to hear more about the fantastic bespoke suits and shirts we make for our clients, then come see us in our Albert Docks office, in Liverpool.

As always, stay stylish. 




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