My Partner Buys Clothes for me, so I do not really know what i Want?

This is actually very common situation here at Michael Frackowiak Bespoke Tailors, cause we very often design our clothes with our partner in mind. We want to look good for them as well as for us. What we tend to suggest is that our Tailors are here to help all the way, advising around the colour, type of garment that suits the individual, etc.


Using your products and services, that is a big financial commitment?

I always see suits in three different categories. Sub £300 – these are the typical High Street suits that you will find in shopping centers. Then you have the £400-£600 range, these are typically your more desirable labels suits, perhaps a Hugo Boss or Ted Baker, etc. You may start to see some natural fibers in this price range. Then You have the £750-£1500 range of suits where we get involved in, with 100’s of fabrics to choose from, trimmings, buttons, size of lapels and linings. So it really depends where you are in your life and what you want out of it.


How Easy it is to do business with Michael Frackowiak Bespoke Tailors?

Very Easy. There are three steps to get you dream suit sorted.
Step 1 – Book an appointment
Step 2 – Choose the fabrics and get Measured
Step 3 – Three Weeks later come in for the first and most likely final fitting.


Can I write if Off as a Business Expense?

Of course. We have been helping business owners to put the suits and shirts through their businesses over the years and it always worked very well. We have created a perfect way to do it.


What if I do not like the suit, can I return it?

As each Garment is personally tailored we are unable to resell an order to any other person other than the Customer placing the order. We can’t really accept returns on the basis of change of heart on the part of the Customer. When there is a dispute between Customer and Michael Frackowiak Bespoke Tailor over the styling of the order, the record that we keep in our ordering system are firm and final.