Frequently asked questions

- That's cute
- I agree. And it should be, cause this is going to transform your life, you are going to go from 'erghhh' to 'OMG'. But I understand that could also be scary, therefore i suggest starting slowly with Made to Measure Shirt. And I am here for you, take you throughout the journey.
– When I work on similar projects the budget is usually between £2000 and £3500 ($2500 and $4000). Is that something you had in mind?
– Cause we don’t just simply sell garments on commission. The whole process is designed so your time commitment is minimal and you can enjoy your New Custom Garments without much distruption. We want you to feel and look the best you can.
Yes, so don’t forget to tell your accountant that Men’s Finest is a Consultancy Service, so you are actually buying Image Consultancy with us rather than simply the garments!