Modern Design using the Highest 140's and 160's Fabrics there are.

Made in the UK, all products that come with the Men’s Finest Logo on are unique and one-off.

Men’s Finest offer custom formal clothing for all occasion – whether it be your Wedding Day or an everyday piece, we will help you create the perfect item.

We have a huge selection of fabrics and designers and there is an option for every eye.

Our design system allows you to visually configure every aspect of the piece therefore this ensures that each item is truly bespoke and unique to you.

We have a strict desire for quality and ensure each and every item you receive supports this – hence why our clients regularly return for further pieces.

Excellent Service

July 5, 2018

No Question one of the best Services you can think of from Michael and his team. I could not be happier with the custom shirt and suit they made

Brian Johnson

Operations Director

What an awesome piece!

August 6, 2018

No way I thought I could afford custom-made suits and shirts for my brother’s wedding. I was so made up that I had to tell all the lads where I got my custom suits from. Thanks Michael!

Thomas Schaff


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