The Bespoke Shirt Club Experience

by Dominika Bartmanska on September 23, 2021  in bespokeshirtguide

The Bespoke Shirt Club Experience

Do you want to find out what it's like when you order your first shirt with Bespoke Shirt Club?

I'm here to find out for you. I'm Dominika and I'm your regular shirt wearer. I love how they can elevate even a more casual outfit. 

Generally speaking I love wearing colourful, patterned and eye-catching clothing.

For me, it's super fun composing unusual outfits together

I have a shirt in pretty much every colour.

But there is one shirt which I do not own yet...

A white shirt. Plain and simple. Versatile. 

I've always shopped in the high street stores from their ready-to-wear range. But I've never had a bespoke shirt. Something that fits to me and me only.

Let me show you how easy the process was for me..


What are the steps of creating your Bespoke Shirt?

Step 1:

You select your shirt plan - the frequency (Monthly, Quarterly or One-Time) in which you would like to receive your custom shirt.


Step 2:

You get measured - via our advanced and unique technology (more on that very shortly), remotely from your own home or office. 


Step 3:

We agree on the details - the fabrics, type of cuffs, collars, monograms and all the exciting things when it comes to making a shirt your own!


Step 4:

We deliver the shirt to you - the shirt is sent off to production and is usually delivered to you within 2-3 weeks. 


So, Measuring Made Simple right?

How simple is it really?

Well, we have definitely done all the hard work, so when it comes to you measuring - it's as simple as shaving or putting on your trousers!

I have measured myself extensively via our technology, to see:

1. What mattered when measuring through our system🧐
2. What are the optimal scenarios whilst measuring🏠
3. How the results differ between each measuring technique📈
4. Finally, how the results differ from old-style, measuring in person, measurements.

How can we do this as extensively as possible?

From bedroom, to dining room, to hallway... I've tested them all. So, we can find out what is the optimal measuring scenario. Whether you do it by yourself or with the help of someone else. 

Either way, the measuring process only took a few minutes - I didn't even need to leave my home to do this!


The Do's and Don't's of Measuring

So, what is the ideal measuring scenario?

We would normally tell all our customers to:

Wear tight/close fitting clothes - this is so we can get as accurate measurement of your frame as possible. 
✔️ jeans, leggings, t-shirt
❌joggers, thick jumpers, hoodies, roll neck jumpers.

Have a plain background behind you - this will make it easier for our technology to work our your shape.
✔️plain wall with as little ornaments behind you
❌busy wall with bookshelves etc

Wear contrasting clothing to the background - 
✔️black outfit on a white wall, light coloured outfit on a dark background. 
❌light outfit on a white wall, black outfit on dark. 

Ideally, we would want each customer to do at least 2 measurements.

This is so we can take an average measurement from the initial ones.

The technology we use is very advanced, but not perfect yet...

Once you have the link, the rest of the instructions will be there once you open it.


The Experiment

 Testing out 4 different scenarios:

1. Bedroom - busy background, light directly in front. Phone was stood up on its own and I was wearing tight fitting clothing.

2. Dining room - busy background, light front right. Phone stood up on its own again and I was wearing the same clothing as before. This time I pinned back any access fabric.

3. Hallway - plain background but back lit. I had someone to help me this time and wore the same clothes as before

4. Bedroom - the window was the background and mostly back lit. Phone was on an adjustable tripod and I was in my underwear - I wanted to see whether clothing had any impact on the results at all. 

I have also done the same measurements manually with our expert Personal Tailor Michael to see how those results varied against our new way of measuring. 


The Results

Below, is the graph displaying all 4 digital measurements (as visible in the key) and the manual measurement is the reference line. All the digital measurements are shown to differ by a few centimetres (or be on point) to the manual measurement.


As you can see from the graph, the results are somewhat steady. Even though they do vary from the manual measurements we have done, they are still good because:

a) We would want to usually go a bit higher on the measurements on the shirt anyway - to make sure the shirt will definitely fit you. It's better to have excess fabric to make adjustments with, rather than having a shirt which definitely won't fit you by being too tight.  

b) We would take the average from those readings anyway. As we always say - measure twice, so the shirt only has to be made once. 

c) Finally, considering this is a fairly new technology... it is not far from the old style measurements. 

The only somewhat concerning digital measurement, is the Waist in Test 4. This particular measurement is (around) 5cm lower than the reference point, but also around 2.5cm lower than the other digital measurements. This is most likely because of the measuring conditions. In this particular test, I had light coming from the back, positioned slightly to the right - could have lead to my body being partially overexposed. This could have resulted in my waist appearing smaller than it is. 

All the measurements took on average 2 minutes to do and didn't take a lot of time to plan or adjust myself in order to do it - so a pretty painless experience. The best part was that I didn't even have to go anywhere to do this! 


The Design Process

Onto the fun and exciting part... Designing my first Bespoke Shirt. 

Since I am generally quite a colourful person and would most likely normally wear patterns too, I decided to opt in on something completely different for my custom shirt... A white shirt! 

This is something we highly recommend for first time customers, as it gives us the chance to perfect the fit and it makes sure you will definitely have the opportunity to wear it many times. 

Anyway, since I knew what fabric I wanted (Twill White), I decided to make it my own through alterations of the buttons, collar, contrasting collar & cuff lining, cuffs and the ultimate personalisation - monograms. 

Since the Luxury collar is more suited to wearing a tie, I was advised by our Tailor Specialist Michael, to go for the slightly more malleable Corporate (standard) thickness.

I also decided to go for a Standard collar type, since I wouldn't be wearing a tie but I didn't want any extra details on it such as buttons.


Although, there is a wide variety available of styles, from the classic ones such as the cutaway, to something a bit more practical like the button down (or even the hidden button down), to the more quirky ones for the clients who want to look different such as the mandarin or the tie bar collar!


Next, we have the cuffs.

Again, we have wide options to choose from but since I wanted the design to be quite basic, I went for the classic single button round.

But it's great to know that there's options for those who enjoy wearing cufflinks or want something a but more fancy such as the milanese cuff. 

Onto the most exciting part for me - customising the colours/patterns of the shirt!

I went for contrasting buttons and since I wanted this shirt to be monochromatic, I went for grey buttons.

But as you can see below, we have a lot of colours to choose from, to make your shirt that little bit different!

The next bit of alterations which I was excited about the most - the contrasting collar and cuffs.

This is where I can make my shirt a bit quirky without overwhelming it with pattern or colour elsewhere.

As the (paraphrased) saying goes: business on the outside, party on the inside.🥳

For the lining I went with the Morley fabric, I wanted to continue the monochromatic theme and stripes seemed the most suitable to my clothes. 


Final stage of the customisation journey and what many of our clients look forward to the most - the monograms.

The true personalisation of a shirt, where even strangers would know that this is not a shop bought shirt. 

Since this is my first time doing monograms, I decided to go with something simple such as my initials. However, many of our clients choose their partners', children's names/initials, even slogans or their company's name. 

Once everything was specified, my order was sent off and all that was left was to wait with anticipation for my new shirt.


 My First Bespoke Shirt

The day has come, a couple of weeks after putting my order into the system, the shirt arrived. I was very excited to see it and try it on for the first time. 

To put it short, the shirt most definitely didn't disappoint. It fit perfectly, like no other shirt before. It was simple in its design but sometimes simplicity works the best. 

I wanted a shirt which is classic and that I can wear time and time again. It needed to be able to fit into the wardrobe I already have and since I wear a lot of patterns and colour in general, it'll be perfect to have a plain shirt to go with my patterned trousers. 

With my love for clothes, I'm always on a hunt for a great shirt. But I have always found that I have to roll up the sleeves and that the shoulders don't end where mine do on shop bought shirts. 

The best thing about this whole process was that I got to choose the exact shirt I wanted, made with my own measurements for the first time. 

I am so excited to be able to contribute to the brand, especially because I know the impact it has on our customers and which I have now experienced first hand!

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