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Are you ready to reach new heights of success?
My exclusive clientele includes A-list celebrities, renowned football stars, and billionaires featured on the prestigious Sunday Times Rich List 2023.
If you crave nothing less than perfection, then look no further.
You will be working with me and I will bring the best in you and helping you achieve unparalleled excellence.

Our Fabrics
Where to Meet in
December 2023?

Warsaw gets the first taste of bespoke suits with fabrics that are pure opulence.
Then Riyadh on 9-10th December. We're not just blending tradition with contemporary style; we're turning it into a fashion masterpiece.
And we finish it off in London. Imagine strutting through winter looking like a million bucks!

2-3rd Dec 2023
Elegance with a Splash of Color!

I'm thrilled to announce our Trunk Show in the beautiful city of Warsaw, Poland. Join us for a measurement session for a bespoke overcoats, complete with a palette of captivating colors and innovative designs.

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9-10th Dec 2023
Bringing Bespoke to the Middle East!

Exclusive Trunk Show Tour, starting in the vibrant city of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. As the rising star of the Middle East, Riyadh sets the stage for a bespoke experience like never before.

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14-15th Dec 2023
Elevate Your Style in the Heart of Elegance!

I'm delighted to announce our next Trunk Show, and this time, we're bringing bespoke elegance to the heart of London, Marylebone on the 14th and 15th of December.

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Most people don't realise how little their ready-to-wear suits fit them.
Don’t waste time searching for suits which won’t truly fit you.

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Dress Appropriately and Confidently with my Online Course. Discover how to select age-appropriate and flattering garments that perfectly fit your body, showcasing your best features. Say goodbye to fashion faux pas and embrace a wardrobe that complements your weight and physique.

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Alfie Best: The Epitome of Success, Our Brand Ambassador

I am thrilled to have Alfie Best as the ambassador for Michael Frackowiak Bespoke. With his remarkable achievements and undeniable charisma, he embodies the essence of our brand and represents the pinnacle of success.

Through our collaboration, we aim to combine the artistry of bespoke tailoring with Alfie Best's unwavering commitment to perfection, offering our clients an unmatched level of luxury and personalized service.

James Sinclair: a maestro of business, effortlessly mirrors his success in his sharp attire.

James Sinclair is a seasoned British entrepreneur and CEO of the Partyman Group, renowned for his expertise in the dynamic realm of business.

A connoisseur of style, James Sinclair has joined forces with Michael Frackowiak Bespoke, showcasing his passion for dressing sharp and accentuating the importance of a polished image in the business world.



Bespoke Jacket


Navy Velvet Butterfly Bow Tie


Bespoke Suit

$1,794 - $2,306

Bespoke Suit

$1,794 - $2,306

Bespoke Jacket


Bespoke Suit

$1,794 - $2,306

Bespoke Jacket


Bespoke Jacket


Bespoke Suit

$1,794 - $2,306
The Agreement
Me and You

1. I will not stop until you are 100% ecstatic with your suit or money back.

2. I will help you choose. the best items based on your profession, age and social status.

3. I will help you design the suit, if you want me to.


Kris's Transformation

"Ever since I started ordering shirts through that subscription, my shirts are looking awesome and they are right the way I want them to be..."
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Mike's Transformation

"By wearing shirts that are actually made for me I not only feel better but also contribute to my overall philosophy of having less "stuff" but better quality."
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Albert Dock - Liverpool
Mayfair - London

Two bespoke suit studios in Liverpool and London, combining heritage and contemporary style, offering personalized service and exceptional craftsmanship to serve a diverse range of clients.


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