How to Keep Your White Shirt White

by mike frackowiak on December 04, 2020  in tips

Hi it's Michael from Bespoke Shirt Club, in this blog we'll go through how to keep our white shirts, white!

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This blog is possible because of two people; Adam, thank you so much for the question and Heather, thank you so much for being such an awesome person.

Heather has got a blog in America that talks about all household things;
how to cook, how to fix, how to clean things, so thank you so much Heather for contributing on this piece of content.

So I've reached out to Heather and I've asked her how would you keep your 
white shirts white and she pointed me out to a blog post that she has written a link below.

There are basically two ways to do it it all depends  on severity of your stains; if your stain is a ketchup stain or a mustard stain on your white shirt then you've got a bit of a problem.

  1. You need to soak it overnight in a detergent of some sort (we're going to talk about that in a second)
  2. Wash it together on probably the highest temperature that the fabric will allow.

What that allows you to do is the Turner is going to attach  some molecules break down those molecules and it's going to create some oxidizing effect as  well.

One chemical that it's worth mention here is sodium percarbonate, also known as oxygen bleach. There are two main brands that I'm using and I 
can highly recommend because I've used them both.

One is called OxiClean - this has got a sodium percarbonate in it, so actually breaks down all  the molecules and then makes your shirt whiter. It is available in America without any problems you can get in Amazon in America.

I struggled a bit to get this on Amazon UK and have not seen a good place to buy these, so I researched and I found this:

Vanish Gold Oxy Action - which you can easily buy in the UK. Obviously Vanish did not sponsor this video, but I'm telling you what's working for me and it should work for you as well.

How to Keep White Shirt White

I recommend:

  1. Soaking your shirts in this bad boy for probably an hour or two
  2. Put it all together and add a bit to your washing machine as well
  3. Wash it on the highest  temperature that your clothes going to take and it should be all good.


One thing that I wouldn't recommend and Heather doesn't recommend either, is using normal chlorine bleach. This apparently (and I've tested that myself as well) yellows the stains instead of actually getting rid of them. This is because normal chlorine bleach consists mainly of sodium hypochlorite and it's a much stronger oxidizing agent.

So if you've got anyone who struggles with keeping their white shirts, you know what to do - send them over here to this blog.

You either buy Vanish Gold Oxy Action if you are in the UK or Europe, or you buy OxiClean if you are in the US. Both of them work in the same way, they've got the same effect and all of my white shirts are looking incredible now!

This method is great for when you want to get any yellow stains/yellowing out from your white shirt and generally keeping your white shirt white, without using bleach!

If you're one of those guys who struggles to keep your white shirts white, then this video was made specially for you. So please spread the love and spread the message, thank you so much and I'll see you soon!

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