Should you have one or two shirts for your wedding?

by Dominika Bartmanska on May 14, 2021

Picture this.

It’s your wedding day.

You’re making a big commitment to the person you love in front of all your guests. 

It’s a high pressure day, with all the minor details counting. 

Do you think you will sweat more than usual?

The answer is YES. 

You’re running around making sure everything is going smoothly, that everyone is enjoying themselves but most of all that you’re enjoying yourself.



Do you really want to have the same shirt on, for the whole day?

You wouldn’t have the same shirt on for approx 10 hrs on a working day without feeling clammy by the end of the day…

So we definitely wouldn’t recommend the same on a day where it’s all eyes on you. 


What if you’re plus sized and can’t find a shirt for yourself on the high street?

The best advice we can give is to order a Bespoke Shirt, which will be perfectly fitted to your physique.



Your specific measurements will be taken rather than a generic size from the shop floor which is either too small or too large. 

A Bespoke Shirt will ensure you’re comfortable, with the fabric having a slight stretch in it minimising movement restrictions.

Best part about having your own Bespoke Shirt created specifically for your body and your needs?

We can customise it to your requirements.

Wedding abroad? 


Problems with perspiration?

Don't stress it. 

We can make the fabric as light and breathable as possible.

Keeping you cool and confident for your wedding. 


But on those days, there are still extra nerves, extra things to think about and about 5 places you need to be at the same time. 

What if someone spills their drink on you?

They’re all possibilities and eventualities which you don’t want or need to think about…

Especially if you have a spare shirt with you.

Most of all, this day is captured forever, not only in your memories and memories of others, but also the wedding photographs.

Would you really want your "well used" shirt to be immortalised in your wedding photos?

Or would you like to look as fresh in the evening photos, as you did in the morning?


We can help.

We can help you look the best version of yourself on one of the most important days in a man's life. 

Your Bespoke Shirt will compliment your physique.

Are you ready to order your wedding shirts now? (⬅️ click here)