Your Office is Ready – But is Your Wardrobe?

by mike frackowiak on August 24, 2021

As lockdown restrictions continue to ease, many of us are excited to return to daily life. As you and your team get back to the office, there’s one important question you might be asking yourself – “Will I be looking my best?”.

Meeting back up in person is a rare chance at a new ‘first impression’.

Making sure your clothes still show you at your best is more important than some people think. 

It’s time to tailor your clothes the modern way

Measure Up From Home 

At the Bespoke Shirt Club, we take a different approach to accurate measurements. Using our AI tailor, you’ll be able to give us all the information we need to make you the perfect shirt. 

So whether you are living some distance away from our atelier in Liverpool, or just have not got time to come and see us - we can take measurements just simply by taking two photographs of you.

That simple and the results are amazing!

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Get the Fit You Need

We then take your measurements and tailor you new shirts that fit perfectly. You’ll look immaculate every time! 

Cause you may be one of the odd-shape guys.

You know like pretty much everybody!

It could be that the arms are just too short for you or it never feels rights around the torso, it needs to fit perfect - and this is what we strive for.

Subscribe and Look Your Best 

Our subscription service sends you regular deliveries of shirts that fit you better than anything else in your wardrobe. Get back to the office in style and make the perfect first impression!

That could be one shirt a month or one shirt every three months. And you can cancel anytime.

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Find Out More 

Visit the Bespoke Shirt Club today and discover the new way to tailor your clothes. We think our reviews speak for themselves.