How To Look After Your Shirt

by Dominika Bartmanska on May 13, 2021

Many of our customers ask:

"But Michael, now that I have my Bespoke Shirt... How do I look after it?"

The answer is simple...

We don't include aftercare labels, because they are a thing of the past and what is associated with generic clothing.

Since each individual shirt is Bespoke to you...

We have created this blog especially for you, so you know how to keep your Bespoke Shirt looking its best.

We recommend you act on the cautious side when washing any cotton shirt. 

For our shirts, we recommend the following: 

– Cold or lukewarm wash
– Gentle Cycle
– Hang dry (no tumble drying)
– Separate white shirts from colours

And if you not too sure if it can be washed in 40 deg C or 60 deg C - choose the lower temperature. 

Got it?

Ohh, but sometimes those yellow armpit stains do not come off as easily as you would like. 

What I then recommend is use Vanish Oxi Action (not sponsored) and soak it up overnight - it will work its magic. 

Stains will be gone.

For Shirts with White Collar & Cuff:

Extra caution should be taken in washing a dark shirt that has white collar & cuffs.

The reason is that the dark color can bleed into the white collar & cuff. 

But that's kind of obvious.

However if you wash them in low temperatures it will be just fine. 

Ready to choose your next shirt yet?