5 Reasons Why You Need to have a Bespoke Shirt

by Dominika Bartmanska on May 18, 2021

You've heard of Bespoke Shirt Club but you're not entirely convinced about the subscription?

Here's some reasons why subscribing to this Bespoke Shirt service is the best idea today:


1. Because You Deserve To Treat Yourself

Bespoke Shirt Club offers finest Italian fabrics with 140 thread count.

We change the fabrics seasonally and right on with the latest trends - so you don't have to keep up with it.

You've worked hard to be where you are.

Why not reward yourself every month with a high quality bespoke shirt?



2. Because You Deserve to Express Yourself

Have you ever gone into the shop and gone straight back out because you couldn't find anything you liked? 

Nothing which fully expressed your style and individuality?

Bespoke Shirt Club can change that.

As well as the wide range in fabrics, we also offer 25 different collar and cuff choices.

What better way to express your individuality, than embroidering what is important to you on your cuffs?



3. Because You Deserve Quality over Quantity

Have you got shirts which you like but don't fit you in certain places? Sleeves too long or too tight around your gut?

Bespoke shirts are completely different.

They fit your physique, not the other way round. 

This also means that you can start building a wardrobe made of quality garments which will last you for years.



4. Because You Deserve to Have More Time to Do What You Enjoy

You're busy, you have meetings and even when you work from home, you still need to look the part. 

Ordering online is fine but it takes time, doesn't it?

Time which could be used more wisely by you. 

That's why we created Bespoke Shirt Club.

You only have to set it up in the beginning.

We will do all the leg-work of making your perfect shirt, every month - so you don't have to.




5. Because You Deserve More Compliments

You don't have to lose weight or go to the gym to feel good about yourself, or for people to notice you. 

The key to this is having clothes which are true to your body and this is not achievable with ready-to-wear.

Ready-to-wear often create bulk of fabric in parts you don't want there to be any bulk.

They are generally unflattering because they are not made specifically for you.

Start feeling good just the way you are, in a shirt which brings out your best features!

This will be visible to the rest of the world because:

The mind follows the body and the body follows the mind.



What are you waiting for? 

When you sign up today, we will send you an extra special gift with your first order as a thank you.

Click here to revolutionise your wardrobe and the way you feel!