Tailored Shirts in Liverpool - How much do you need a Bespoke Shirt made in Liverpool's Albert Dock?

by mike frackowiak on August 31, 2021  in bespokeshirtliverpool shirt

“Heading back to Liverpool city centre office are you? Not looking like that though, surely?”

- Is what no man ever wants to hear as they prepare to set out to the office for the first time since pre-COVID19. 

We’ve all lived it, but let me set the scene for you.

For a year and a half, office smart has had a new pandemic-induced definition: a smart top paired stylishly with whatever you fancy on the bottom, be it pajamas, your favourite jeans, ... or even nothing (for the daring!)

You’ve gotten pleasantly accustomed to rolling out of bed, putting on the nearest clothes, and chucking on your designated ‘imperfect zoom shirt’ a minute or two before your 9am meeting.

Over the year, you’ve obviously indulged in your wife’s lovely food and probably exercised a lot less, let’s be honest.

Now that the time comes to head back to work in person, you find that lucky shirt you used to love, but somehow you’ve gone up a size or two in clothing.

It hasn’t mattered so far – not until now at least. 

Fast-forward to autumn 2021: things are finally returning to normal as we have all dreamt of for so long.

With this though means the beginning of the end of many lifestyle adaptations we’ve all had to make during the various lockdowns. 

Your ‘not so tailored shirt’ will no longer quite suffice, and – behold – your legs will now be seen in meetings!

Slightly-too-tight fitting clothes, which are fine for around the house, probably don’t need to be a sight for all your coworkers.

And, surely you want to be making a good impression on everyone when you strut down that corridor for the first time in too long, so that Karen from Marketing, who sits at a desk just a bit too close to you, doesn’t go telling everyone, “My yes, it’s good to have him back, but have you seen how much he’s let himself go?

And, I think that’s even the same shirt he was wearing back in March of 2020?!” Imagine. 

Alas, this is a nightmare easily avoided.

Using those extra funds you have maybe saved during covid-19, treat yourself to a new wardrobe, ready for your grand office return.

Make sure they are exactly tailored to you, both aesthetically pleasing, well fitting, and comfortable (because let’s face it, you will definitely be missing the comfort of your virtual meeting attire).

You shouldn’t have to give up that comfort just to look good, so shop with us to find your perfect bespoke, custom-made shirt. 

Going back to the office isn’t technically a first impression, but after a year and a half, it might as well be - so make it count.

Knowing your shirt is made just for you, here in the Liverpool's Albert Docks is the best things that can happen and will be tailored exactly to your post-pandemic self (be that fitter or unashamedly slightly less), will mean you can go back to that office with the utmost confidence that you look good.

Plus, Karen from Marketing will be nothing but impressed at your truly triumphant return.