What elevates a bespoke shirt to a higher quality?

by Dominika Bartmanska on May 06, 2021

Very exciting news - We have a new manufacturer!

But what does this mean for you?

We always strive to refine our brand with YOU, the customer at the heart of everything we do.

Always the best, for the same best price every month.

Do you wish you could have the choice of top brands within the shirt business?

Well now we offer the likes of Canclini, Thomas Mason and Cotonificio Albini.

If you’re an advanced shirt connoisseur you’ll know exactly what this means in terms of the quality of the fabric - it’ll be amazing!


Does the quality of the stitching matter to you?

If it does, we will be using 8 stitches/cm, the higher the stitch density means that the shirt is higher quality.

In your current shirts, does it feel a bit tight or immovable on your shoulders sometimes?

Well now we offer Split Yoke.

But why is that better?

Split Yoke allows for better flexibility and fit. Instead of the fabric moving in one direction - it moves in two opposing directions, creating more comfort for you.


Are you sick of buttons popping off after a while of usage from ready-to-wear shirts?

So are we, that's why we sourced a manufacturer which uses the latest technology to fuse the buttons to the shirt, using heat sealing Swiss technology from Ascolite.

I repeat, FUSE.

So there won't be any need for those annoying spare buttons you never know what to do with and are consequently lost.

It's a very intriguing process which we would love to show you how it works!


 Are you wanting your shirt to feel rough or to itch?

Nope, us neither. 



We are now able to provide a higher yarn count thread. Since the thread is stitched all the way through the shirt, it only makes sense it's the best quality, right?

This partnership with our new manufacturer will provide the finest quality of shirts with all the details you would expect from a high end shirt. 

So, if you're as excited as us about this new chapter in Bespoke Shirt Club and you haven't signed up yet, click here for more information.