Why Buying a Bespoke Shirt in Liverpool?

by mike frackowiak on July 25, 2019  in bespokeshirt

The year has already reached summer.

Even in not-so-sunny Liverpool we see a reasonable amount of Sun. 

And for some - summer 2019 was a real treat!

Liverpool Football Bespoke SUit

The holidays are for many in full swing.

That luxury get-away in Italy is just around the corner.

You may be tasting fine vintage wines or engaging in all manner of sophisticated conversation over dinner.

By the Way - what's you fav Wine? Drop the name in the comments below.

But what if you may be lacking in the fashion department?

That old shirt you wore at your friend’s engagement party is starting to become an uncomfortable, tight fit.

That once nice Ralph Lauren number you wore to your bosses’ Christmas party is looking fairly run down.


There is hassle in wading through tedious and overly expensive shops, adding to the stress and frustration.

And you’re running out of time to find shirts that would suit your standards for smart or smart casual evening wear.

Bespoke Shirts Club is a new and promising subscription shirt service that allows you to finely tailor your shirt to your requests and needs.


Yes, cause the shirts themselves are customised with fine details such as a variety of colours, styled cuffs and monogram features, with a selection of over 1000 textures.

Through a helpful telephone or internet consultation, you will be assisted in regard to aspects of fashion, style and measurements.

Guiding you through this process is Michael Frackowiak, an experienced professional tailor who will be able to lead you to your perfect fit.

Whatever your shape, size and preference, there is a shirt that he’ll be able to recommend to you.

These easy steps are as follows:

Step 1: Book an appointment through the Calendly link on your email

Step 2: Decide if your measurement will be done in person or across skype

Step 3: Start taking the measurements around your neck

Step 4: Then measure the shoulder width and the neck to wrist length on both arms

Step 5: Finally, measure your chest, waist and seat

Step 6: If any questions or issues arise contact hello@bespokeshirt.club

bespoke shirts are in the Liverpool Docks

Once the sizes and style are confirmed, there is an estimated three weeks wait from the approval to delivery phase.

Other delivery options include an “express service”, which brings the time down to 7 working days.

Additionally, an even quicker “super express” AKA "last-minute-crazy-price" option is available, which efficiently delivers in 2 working days.

All without placing a single foot into a shop.


Liverpool Bespoke Shirts

The shirts themselves are crafted with Italian, British and Egyptian cotton, which should place no doubt in your mind of the quality.

On average, bespoke shirts of this standard are estimated to be £180 in value.

Through this cost-effective service, Bespoke Shirt Club offers over 45 per cent reduction on the average value of these shirts.

45 per cent decrease on price in comparison to normal pricing.

45 per cent.

As a subscriber, you will receive one every month for the price of £99.

A deeply customised and tailored shirt delivered right to your door of this standard is a bargain to say the least.

There is a great care taken to ensure that the shirt is of approving fit. 

If there happen to be any mishaps to do with the shirt, perhaps to do with the fitting or design, it’s not the end of the world.

The costs required to amend or fix any part of the shirt are fully refundable, to the customer’s choosing.

It is so very important, especially with shirts of this price, to get them right.

It was reported in a global Pitney Bowes online shopping research survey that “nearly half of consumers said the overall experience did not meet their expectations” and were disappointed.

Bespoke Shirt Club intends to be a cut above by maintaining a relationship with the customer, through communication and consistent personalised service.

Bespoke Shirt club is now available in the liverpool docks

We are here to make you stand out and feel proud that You are a customer of bespokeshirt.club.

It will allow the customer to be an individual of fine taste and distinction through sharp, elegantly crafted bespoke shirts.

Let me know when can you get started by clicking here