Kris' Bespoke Journey

by Dominika Bartmanska on February 24, 2021  in bespokeshirtTransformation

You have to be rich in order to own a bespoke shirt.

That's not True!

Let's debunk the myth that made to measure tailoring is only for the rich. 

Kris has been our loyal customer since 2019.

He was never overly wealthy nor had he ever tried made-to-measure before. 

Since creating Kris' first Bespoke Shirt for him, he has gotten so many compliments about his appearance that he hasn't looked back to his wardrobe before Bespoke. 

So many compliments... but he hasn't done anything different except for having his own made-to-measure shirt created. 

He was confused because he could not find anything that fits him around the mid section as well as the collar and the sleeve length. 

Every time he would step in to a High Street Store he would be overwhelmed with choice and frustrated with that lack of support from the shop assistants. 

This had to end. 

He was wasting too much time, spending money on things that were not right for him. 

Meet 2021 version of Kris!


Ready-to-Wear vs Made-to-Measure

Ready-to-Wear (left):

Excess Fabric✅           

Standard Colours ✅

Standard Details  


Made-to-Measure (right):

No Overhanging Fabric ✅

Custom Colour of Fabric ✅

Custom Colour of Buttons ✅

Monograms ✅


But let's hear it from Kris:

"A right tailored shirt made the way you want I was always buying shirts from normal fashion shops, and until I met owner of bespoke shirt and tailor Mr Frackowiak, I understood how important is to have a tailored shirt.
Ever since I started ordering shirts through that subscription, my shirts are looking awesome and they are right the way I want them to be.
On top of that, customer service provided by Mr Frackowiak is one of a kind and Your view is really taken In to Account, so you will look the way you always wanted!!!

I wish other companies could provide so outstanding service as Mr Frackowiak offer.
In my humble opinion, it is so far best customer service I ever received."


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