Mike's Bespoke Journey

by Dominika Bartmanska on February 26, 2021

The shirt could fit you only in one place.

That's a lie!

Let's debunk the myth that you'll have to sacrifice fit in one place for another. 

Mike is tall and slim fit. He struggles to find shirts which suit his physique. 

Anyone who is slim with long arms will understand the difficulty of finding an over all good shirt. Where the shirt's arm length would be a great fit, it would mean the rest of the shirt would be too large and making his body look bulky. 

It was a constant choice between the fit of the arms or the torso.

Tired of sacrificing one body part for another, Mike discovered the world of Bespoke Shirts. He hasn't bought a single ready-to-wear shirt since. 


1. "What was the problem you were having before you discovered our product?" - I have asked Mike

I constantly had to sacrifice one measurement for the other, like the ready to wear shirts that you buy in the shop are just for everyone, which is no one. It was painful, cause i like the feel around the arms, tiny arms, but my belly was too big, etc.

2. "What did the frustration feel like as you tried to solve the problem?" 

I tried all the major high-street brands. Some of them were doing lets say 16.5 collar and various of lengths of the arms, but these were better, but straight away cost twice as much, so do you buy the cheaper ones and suffer, or buy the slightly more expensive ones and still suffer slightly. I do not even want to go into a conversation about the choice of fabric - if you want something that is not blue, white and pink - forget about it!

3. "What was different about our product?"

The choice of cuffs and collars and monograms is nice touch, which you would expect, but what really stands out for me is the measuring process and how quick that shirt gets delivered every month.

4. "Take us to the moment, when you realised our product actually solved the problem?"

Great feeling. I remember I wanted to tell my friends about it, so i wore the shirt and as soon as i walked in, they noticed straight away, they noticed the writing on the cuff and how well it fitted. It was a nice feeling. 

5. "Tell us what your life looks now, that your problem is solved or is being solved."

I will never go back to ill-fitted shirts. Shirts that make you feel generic and average. By wearing shirts that are actually made for me I not only feel better but also contribute to my overall philosophy of having less "stuff" but better quality. I don't want to do fast fashion anymore. 


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