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Bespoke Jacket
Bespoke Jacket
Bespoke Jacket
Bespoke Jacket

Bespoke Jacket


Bespoke tailoring /biˈspk/ (About this soundlisten) is clothing made to an individual buyer's specifications by a tailor.

At our atelier in the Royal Albert Dock, Liverpool, we specialize in the art of custom tailoring, ensuring that every jacket is uniquely made to your exact specifications.

With our bespoke service, you have the freedom to customize every aspect of your blazer, from the fabric selection to the button choice and even the intricate details.

It's all about embracing your individuality and creating a jacket that truly reflects your personal style.

Once you've placed your order, we begin the creation process.

We take great pride in our attention to detail and the craftsmanship that goes into each blazer.

After 30 days of meticulous work, your first fitting awaits.

Whether you prefer an in-person fitting at our atelier or the convenience of an online fitting from the comfort of your home, we ensure that your blazer fits flawlessly.

Our expert team (Emilia my seamstress, or Ania, or myself) will guide you through the fitting process, making any necessary adjustments to guarantee the perfect fit.

Usually, the first fitting is the last, as our experienced tailors strive to achieve perfection from the start.

However, in rare cases where major adjustments are needed, we're committed to ensuring your utmost satisfaction.

Finally, after just a few more days, your bespoke blazer will be ready to grace your wardrobe.

The wait is worth it when you slip into the impeccably tailored masterpiece, designed exclusively for you.

Step into the world of business casual with confidence, knowing that your bespoke blazer embodies your unique style and impeccable taste.

Experience the joy of wearing a custom-made jacket that exudes sophistication and sets you apart from the crowd.

Elevate your style with our bespoke blazer – a true statement of individuality and craftsmanship.